Simple Step Sequencer

DOWNLOAD: Simple Step Sequencer (zip archive 8.8 mb) ver. 7.2b

mixer icon The name says it all: this is a very easy to use 16-step sequencer for the Macintosh. This utility makes it easy for users to create single-layer (track) sequences and save those layers as audio files for mixing in a DAW.

Up to six sounds may be loaded into a table and the application randomly chooses which sound to play for each step. Additionally, each step, or trigger, can be assigned a particular volume or pan location. Users may engage the "random panning" and "random envelope" feature.

Created with Max/MSP, please note that it has only been tested on intel Macintoshes. The application does contain a few bugs which future versions will eliminate. To install, simply click the link above, unzip the archive by double-clicking on it, and run the application. Again, very simple.

Release Notes:
    ver. 7.2b:
    • optimizes tempo irregularity
    • optimizes recording functionality