Alleluia: De quacumque tribulatione

Instrumentation: SATB
Duration: 4 minutes
Recording Available: No
Performed: Yes

Alleluia: De quacumque tribulatione was written for Lawrence Sisk and the LewisUniversity Choir. This work was intended for inclusion in a performance which included Palestrina's Missa Aeterna Christi munera. Alleluia: De quacumque tribulationeis the first Alleluia, one of the Propers, for the feast of St.Joseph the worker. As in many of my compositions, rhythm plays a prominent role. In this work, the rhythmic organization is not metrical, but instead it is basedupon phrases. This work also explores many of my interests in choral music. More notably is the contrasts in the color of vowels, episodes of indeterminacy,and the comparative timbre of vocal sections.

This work was written as a companion piece to Bonitas Domini, a choral piecewritten for the same occasion.

From the Graduale
1st Alleluia for the feast of St. Joseph the worker

Out of whatever tribulations they may have called to me, I have heard them, and I shall always be their protector.

Translation of original Latin
by Lawrence T. Sisk