Experience 1

Instrumentation: Solo Percussion
Duration: 5 minutes
Recording Available: No
Performed: Yes
Catalog ID: RE1030
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Composer, Robert Cooper, had a profound influence on me and my music. As his composition student, I believe I took a little bit of "musical personality" from all of my teachers. Under Robert's tutelage, I began to further explore my concept of sound and experimentation. Robert was very interested in experimentation for the individual. From my perspective, he was not as concerned that I (or any other composer) should experiment in music for "music's sake," but experimentation for the benefit of the composer. Although subtle, I think it is important to distinguish between these two views because it insures a very personal attachment to one's music. Because I studied with him, I continue to explore the definitions of melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, and medium for myself in every piece I write. I must admit that the compositional ideas in "Experience I" are not revolutionary ideas; however, these ideas represent a discovery process and my exploration for beauty in music. Simply, this work and every work, is a direct reflection of my time with Robert as his student. Sadly, Robert suddenly passed away in 1997.