Three Preludes for Piano

Duration: 7 minutes
Recording Available: No
Performed: Yes
Catalog ID: RE1025
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These little preludes were written in Kansas City, MO from 1998-1999. Although unrelated to one another, these pieces represent the compositional process of "working out" ideas (discoveries), conversations (for Joe), and frustrations (Figaro's Whore).

For me, Discoveries is a study in my compositional process where global ideas (shapes) precede local ideas (motivic) at conception. In my mind, this is analogous of a sculptor determining the shape of a sculpture before determining the materials that will be used.

For Joe is directly inspired by a series of conversations I had with a very close friend who is also a composer. Although our musical language is completely different, we are generally trying to say the same things.

Figaro's Whore is a direct reaction to the frustration of dealing with academic procedures. At times, I feel like I must put things back into perspective for myself.

Three Preludes is dedicated to pianist Janet Fetterman.