Music for Flute Violin and Piano


Duration: 8 minutes
Recording Available: Yes
Performed: Yes
Catalog ID: RE1008
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Music for Flute Violin and Piano was completed in Kansas City, Missouri in the spring of 1998. The music explores many relationships of three characters. For example, at certain times two instruments share common material and one character speaks independently; however, there are also moments when all three characters are allowed to speak their own independent voice. These characters are delineated by a number of elements including harmony, rhythm, timbre, or tessitura. Music for Flute Violin and Piano follows the compositional process in my recent music which explores the creation of a composition from the ‘outside in.’ This process is analogous to a sculptor who determines the shape of a sculpture before deciding on what materials will be used. For ‘outside in’ process in Music for Flute Violin and Piano, I first determined the form and shape of the composition, as opposed to developing a melodic or pitch idea to create a shape.

This work is dedicated to Tom and Elizabeth Clement in celebration of their wedding.