On the Edge


Instrumentation: Orchestra
Duration: 7 minutes
Recording Available: Yes
Performed: Yes
Catalog ID: RE1006
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On the Edge was commissioned by the Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra which in 2001 acquired four new timpani. The conditions surrounding this composition afforded me the opportunity to write a work that would feature a very talented 17 year old timpanist.

On the Edge deals with two similar themes presented separately. These melodies coalesce and collide in the final section of the piece and continue to build a thick climactic texture until the end. My goal was to present a colorful orchestration at the end of the piece where these themes spiral through different instruments, thus blurring the original two melodies, and in a sense, synthesizing one texture and theme which is practically new, but related to the original two themes.

2002 was a very difficult time for my entire family. At one point, my mother commented that she felt like at any moment, she "would explode." For months we were "On the Edge" of these emotional and physical explosions. My hope, is that the listeners experience an emotional journey which leaves them refreshed. As we released (or exploded), we all found calm -- It helped us endure.