Winter Solstice


Instrumentation: Cello and Piano
Duration: 6 minutes
Recording Available: Yes
Performed: Yes
Catalog ID: RE1005
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The dark Goddess gathers
all Her fallen blossoms
unto the warm earth
to await new birth.

Poem byRaven Hail
Winter Solstice
1994 Raven Hail
All Rights Reserved
used with permission

McFerron with Maverick Ensemble members: Mary Drews (piano) and William Jason Raynovich (cello) after the world-premiere of Winter Solstice. The world-premiere recording is featured on this webpage.

Winter Solstice was composed for and dedicated to Elizabeth and Juan F. La Manna out of appreciation for their warm hospitality. Special thanks to Raven Hail for the use of her eponymous poem--for its beauty and for its inspiration.