Instrumentation: fixed media
Duration: 7 minutes
Recording Available: Yes
Performed: Yes

Retrospection was commissioned by Dmitry Sumarokovam for a multimedia production in Latvia. The production, a mixture of music, dance, theatre, and art, is based upon mythological character who is a blend of Goethe's Faust, Dickinson's"Scrooge," and "Johnny" from the Charlie Daniel's song, A Devil went Down to Georgia--it's rather complicated, so never mind. My goal was to create a workthat would not cause an international incident, and also one that could stand onits own merit. On a more technical level, this work is built entirely from ahandful of violin samples and violin excerpts from famous compositions thathighlight the violin. All of the samples were manipulated and mixed using Csound on a Macintosh computer in the Electronic Studio at Lewis University.