Two Songs on E.E. Cummings


Instrumentation: Mezzo-Soprano and piano
Duration: 12 minutes
Recording Available: Yes
Performed: Yes
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Commissioned by the Chicago Composers Forum 2005 Abelson Vocal Music Commission Program, Two Songs on E.E. Cummings was written for Julia Bentley and Mark Sudeith.

Although this composition is in two movements, each song may be presented independently.

"NIGHT," and "the moon looked into my window" from COMPLETE POEMS:1904-1962, by E.E. Cummings, Edited by George J. Firmage, are used withthe permission of Liveright Publishing Corporation. Copyright (c) 1926,1954, 1973, 1991 by the Trustees for the E.E. Cummings Trust. Copyright(c) 1985 by George James Firmage.